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Aronia – Food Supplement – 60 caps

Filevia created the First greek food supplement with Aronia. After many years of research, in specialized laboratoties and according to to many analysies and public studies, we achieved our goal. Filevia's Aronia Food Supplement will boost your immune system & will be your powerfull shield against common cold/viral infection.

Aronia Food Supplement with vitamin D3 – 60 caps

Aronia Dietary Supplement with extra Vitamin D3 Contains all the properties and all the trace elements of the simple Supplement Nutrition and in addition contains the so-called "sun vitamin",vitamin D3. One would expect that talking about vitamin D deficiency or the lack of vitamin D we are referring to countries such as Great Britain and Sweden. However rates of vitamin D deficiency even in sunny countries like Greece, are constantly increasing.

Food Supplement with Aronia & Aronia with extra D3 vitamin (120 caps)

Filevia Special Offer Food Suplement with Aronia & Aronia with extra D3 vitamin (120 caps).